Arabs, your point of view? Arab man black woman dating/relationship...?

I'm an African American woman and I've been dating this Arab guy from Kuwait. I can definitely seeing us having something serious, so I was just wondering how an interracial relationship between an Arab man and a black woman is viewed culturally and by the Arab family. Based on some Arab friends I've had, I know that their parents don't like them to date interracially and it's important for them to continue practicing Islam in the family they create. I even know some Arabs who will have arranged marriages. I would think that with him have being raised in Kuwait his entire life could possibly make this more of an issue depending on the culture there. He was born and raised in Kuwait, then came to America for college when he was seventeen. I don't know how his parents would feel about him dating a black girl. I've heard of some Arab men dating black women, but not marrying them or taking them home to meet their parents. Is that usually true?

So could you please share any knowledge you have about this? I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!


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  • I am a black American married to an Arab he is born and raised in Kuwait and of course when he first told his parents he wanted to marry a Black Christian that had been married before with Children the said no! But he continued to ask permission to he received it. I did not convert and my children I had before marriage live with us and spends summers with Teta(grandma). We have been married 10years and yes sometimes in the beginning it was a hard change in culture but never a black/Arab thing. A true practicing Arab does not judge your skin color because Islam does not see color and a great majority of Arabs are from the continent of Africa, such as Marooca, Libya, Sudan,Egypt Tunus, and the other countries in the Middle east that have black Arabs are UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Baharian, Kuwait to name a few. My husband was not trying to get the passport his family is already wealthy and did not need it and so it did not submit application for it. I would caution you though that if he really wants to marry you are is taking the relationship seriously, he would not be dating you, he would have already stated his intentions and asked his parents because dating is not allowed and if an Arab man is serious he would not keep you in this status nor introduce you to his friends as the would see you as a Shamouta meaning whore. This is just the culture don't let him play games. For thoses reading, yes we have children, one set of twins and two boys make 4. Humdillia.

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      Don't tell me you've already converted to a Muslim because of your marriage to Kuwaity guy, if though, that sucks!

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      what the f*** lol, just because he didn't jump straight into "hey, lets get married. I'll ask my parents for permission" doesn't mean he views me as a whore. We are only 19 and still getting to know each other.

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      Your comment is crazy "Jordanian!" whenever an American women converts to Islam regardless of the reason that's exactly what they think but to your face, Oh masha Allah pst. Note that she isn't married. I am an African American married to a Jordanian for 12+ years now with kids, and I converted Alhamdulillah... not because of him "Jordanian" as a matter of fact he isn't a practicing Muslim as I've notice that many Arabs are Muslims by name but know nothing about Islam. My advice to you is make sure you guys are on the same page when it comes to career, raising kids etc because he may be all nice now but he may want you to be an Arab woman later quite frankly. It can work, depending on him and his family. Can you live with his family's comment on you kids color, hair texture etc? Their idea of beauty is blue eyes and blonde hair and from my experience yes they do look down on blacks. Islam teaches against racism but many Arabs are. Don't ignore red flags, don't be infatuated or fooled.