Am I dating and not knowing it?

I used to to have a little something for one of my friends and recently we were talking about her boyfriend problems, I jokingly said "well I used to try and talk to you and you never gave me a chance" she said " We used to go to the mall" (as if that was a date or something). I didn't think that was a date at all and I think it may have been to her. It was random that's why I don't think it was. However, am I dating people and don't know it because sometime I might hang with a girl and think nothing of it. Most importantly, its usually not a everyday type thing or its not like we talk on the phone all the time. What do all you people think?


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  • that doesn't sound like a date at all. more like a hang out


What Guys Said 1

  • No, your not dating. A date is something you both can say "its a date" because it would be acknowledged by both parties. Going to the mall, is not a date...its just hanging out. Hope that helps a bit.