Why did he end things this way

He was always calling and texting me. He seemed very interested in me. He was so polite and fun to be around . We enjoyed the time we shared together. Why would he put all that time and effort if he didn't like me. We were talking and going on dates for two whole months. I remember him calling but I could not answer at the moment, I called back and I got no answer. I feel like he didn't like the fact that I didn't answer my phone. That same day he didn't call me nor text me the whole night. I tried texting and calling but I got no response. The next day he didn't call like he usually did, so I called and said he went out and the battery died on his phone. That was kind of the end he stopped calling and texting and I wanted to give him space but he never did call . We had planned a weekend together and I had everything ready for us. I was hoping he would at least call and cancel ..I just want to at least know why he stopped calling and looking for me. I know we had a good thing. I think about him and I miss him sometimes. I had a lot more respect for this person and never expected him to act like this with me . Why coulnd he just be honest and act like a man .


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  • maybe he felt that it would be better if things ended this way. maybe try talking to him about it, and ask him why? it might help.

  • Seems like you like to be chased. Just call him and say what's going on... Say what's on your heart. You risk getting hurt, but what's the worst that can happen? Life is too short to get anything other than honesty. Know at least you gave it a shot and were true...