WHY oh why do guys respond to intentional no contact?

I'm sure you've all heard of the "no contact rule."

I was dating this kid Alex and we only went out twice on the weekend, no biggie. So he would text me every single day throughout the week and not even mention hanging out again. So I just stopped replying to his texts, for like 4 days now. And now he all of a sudden sends me a picture message of himself (not pervy) and adds a :) as the caption.

Wtf? Why do guys always, 100% of the time respond to no contact? Especially when it's intentional. It's me saying buzz off loser.

Okay, wow I was deaddd wrong and you were all right. Alex asked me how my week was and I asked him about his and he said his was terrible so I jokingly said, daww did you miss me so much it hurt? And then he said well, were you busy all week or something?


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  • Is that why girls ignore? I deleted some girls for that sh*t..lol..and they called me rude..how am I suppose to know? I thought they didn't want to be friends, honestly.

    Listen prity girl, we guys are direct, we don't know about all this prearranged sh**y rules that you girls create between yourselves...let guys know your busy/not interested (or about all these rules)...it was not a biggie for you but it was for that poor guy, that why he keeps coming forward...you have to tell him in "words"...not indirect communication...if you don;t like him then tell him, he will go to another girl. (guys communicated directly not indirectly)

    I think all them indirect rules are stupid, cos it causes a lot of misunderstandings.

    Can you list all the rules please, thanks.

    • LOL, it's not so much a "rule" as it just happens. I don't text guys first a lot of the time so I let the conversation die. I'm not a huge fan of texting as a means of communication.

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    • I agree. In all seriousness.. Maybe the problem with today's society is lack of communication..

      Be more direct girls! If you want someone out of your life, tell them. You can't expect men to read your minds. >_>

    • @Nameless, if you've ever seen my posts, a great deal of them are about communication -_- true communication. I've been trying to tell any and everyone "TALK, DAMN IT!" lol.

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  • They don't want to buzz off; they hope to reinitiate. Can you blame them? And they know that women often use no contact as a way to spur guys' interests, playing hard to get...it doesn't usually mean buzz off, actually, does it?

  • because you're STILL leading him on...not ALL guys are like this - some have lived long enough to understand what happens whena girl doesn't respond, some unfortunatly dont...

    you haven't given him ANY reason to NOT text you...ok you don't respond, so what? that doesn't mean he has no idea you don't want him to do this...what I don't understand is HOW you girls think that by just ignoring you think the guys going to just stop - don't get me wrong I would get the point and I've been through this to understand to just cut contact if the girl ever just stops for no reason...but you cannot ASSUMEEEEEEEE I repeat you cannot ASSUME he's going to think that just because you aren't responding doesn't meant he can't text you...you gave him your number and he is free to text you - even if you aren't responding...

    but please also understand I get where you are coming from - I don't understand sometimes too - its like um hello she isn't responding or initiating contact so just stop...but some guys just don't get it - why? I have no idea - but when they don't you need to be forward with him and tell him straight up...

  • I'll usually give it a week. Sometimes things happen and people get busy. Plus I often mass text. I'll be at work and have nothing to do, I'll text everyone on my phone list a generic message to try and pass time. If after 3-4 days I don't hear from somebody, I might send something like "hey, everything alright?" especially if it's a change in behavior from before. If I still get nothing back after a couple days, I'll probably be a little confused. After all I don't understand the no contact rule unless you are REALLLLLYYYY attached to somebody. If you are heartbroken and just can't move on, no contact makes sense.

    But if it's some person I only known for a little while, maybe dated some, I would just tell them straight out. After all, what does it matter what they think?

    You only went out twice on the weekend, no biggie, right? So what are you doing with the "no contact rule"? The no contact rule is for YOU, when YOU can't get over a guy but realize it needs to be done. It's not to reject some guy you've dated a couple times. That's just rude.

    Tell him you aren't interested anymore, and he should not bother, if that's how you feel.

  • I've never heard of the "no contact rule".

    If you want him to stop texting you, why can't you just tell him? If, in your experience, guys don't get the hint 100% of the time, then maybe the hint isn't as obvious as you think it is.

    • It's basically if you ignore someone, they pursue you...

  • He's just trying to get to know you and space out the amount of times he wants to hang out with you, especially since he is just getting to know you, he doesn't want to go for Date 3 right away and lose all the mystery. All guys will go out with you once, and then for a couple days after that just shoot the sh*t with you on the phone, its wrong for you to think they are losers because of that.

    I do however, think the picture of him with a smile was complete douche baggy, and just for that this guy should lose a few brownie points.

    Also agree with Marciano, girls play way more mind games than guys and if a guy seems like a head trip to figure out, its probably his reaction to something you did or said based off your indirect perception of what's going on. For instance, if I was in Alex's shoes, I wouldn't know why you are not responding back but I'd probably stop texting you and move on, then you'd be like, why the f*** he stop texting? But the real issue would be the fact that you never contacted because you didn't like the fact that I didn't ask you out again, so women need to stop with the indirect sh*t and just be like "hey, so when we down to hang out again?" you know then he would have been like, oh snap, this saturday,

    ya dig?

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  • I have no idea I want to know that to.

  • so what happened? are you going to see him again?