WHY oh why do guys respond to intentional no contact?

I'm sure you've all heard of the "no contact rule."

I was dating this kid Alex and we only went out twice on the weekend, no biggie. So he would text me every single day throughout the week and not even mention hanging out again. So I just stopped replying to his texts, for like 4 days now. And now he all of a sudden sends me a picture message of himself (not pervy) and adds a :) as the caption.

Wtf? Why do guys always, 100% of the time respond to no contact? Especially when it's intentional. It's me saying buzz off loser.

Okay, wow I was deaddd wrong and you were all right. Alex asked me how my week was and I asked him about his and he said his was terrible so I jokingly said, daww did you miss me so much it hurt? And then he said well, were you busy all week or something?


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  • Is that why girls ignore? I deleted some girls for that sh*t..lol..and they called me rude..how am I suppose to know? I thought they didn't want to be friends, honestly.

    Listen prity girl, we guys are direct, we don't know about all this prearranged sh**y rules that you girls create between yourselves...let guys know your busy/not interested (or about all these rules)...it was not a biggie for you but it was for that poor guy, that why he keeps coming forward...you have to tell him in "words"...not indirect communication...if you don;t like him then tell him, he will go to another girl. (guys communicated directly not indirectly)

    I think all them indirect rules are stupid, cos it causes a lot of misunderstandings.

    Can you list all the rules please, thanks.

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      LOL, it's not so much a "rule" as it just happens. I don't text guys first a lot of the time so I let the conversation die. I'm not a huge fan of texting as a means of communication.

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      I agree. In all seriousness.. Maybe the problem with today's society is lack of communication..

      Be more direct girls! If you want someone out of your life, tell them. You can't expect men to read your minds. >_>

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      @Nameless, if you've ever seen my posts, a great deal of them are about communication -_- true communication. I've been trying to tell any and everyone "TALK, DAMN IT!" lol.