Guys would you go for a girl with a lack of sexual experience?

I was recently in a relationship but ended it shortly after it started because I was affraid that my boyfriend would laugh or find me un-sexy due to my lack of experiance. this isn't the first time I've shut down guys. What's your thoughts on this ? guys would you go for a girl with a lack of sexual experiance? cheers.


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  • Comnpletely agree with m3ltd0wnpt, however, with sex, as a person lacking the experience, you should be completely open about this to the person when that special moment comes around. You should also treat it as love and not lust, especially if you want to be "taught" or cared for, instead of just "chopped up".

    In my personal opinion, I think girls who are virgins, or close to, are just as cute and attractive physically, and mentally. They just can't be as sexy in the short term, however if you are willing to try new things slowly, then you should most certainly NOT be embarressed.

    We were all the student once.


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  • Well that depends if that's the only reason you're "cutting / shutting " us down. For one thing everyone has to learn sometime ,and it just really sounds like you're not quite ready yet,and on the other hand I would be honored to date you for the simple fact that with some patience I could teach you the thrills and feelings you'd have from a sexual experience. We are not all born with " I can do that " attitude . Most guys are probably ( young boys / men ) are just as inexperienced as yourself . Don't be so hasty in ' cutting ' us off just yet. But if you feel uncomfortable then tell them NO ! Watch an Adult Video to see how the " actors " do it .

  • i would go for a girl with a lack of sexual experience. but it would be really good if the girl is willing to try somwthing new. yeh?

  • Ask the man what he likes and tell him what you like.

    Fantasy is a wonderful thing.

    You can also wacth a few videos that are out there to help.


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