Why doesn't he talk to me after hanging out?

We're best friends and I'm in love with him and he shows major signs that he likes me back, but I'm not sure. We flirt all the time and he's over my hosue every Friday. Lately, we have a very, very flirty hang out day, he'll tlak to me after he goes home but the next day he will be very distant and cold towards me. It confuses me so bad. We are "all over" each other, according to others and everyone thinks we're dating, but I don't know what to do. Why doesn't he talk to me after we have these very flirty days?

Let me clarify: By all over I mean like, well we do nothing sexual. Just, when we are near each other we tend to lean on each other, have our heads on each others shoulders, never leave each others sides, holding hands, laying on each other,nothing bad.


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  • The best way to resolve uncertainty is to grow up, deal with the situation, and move on. If you are interested in something with him, call him out on his flirting behaviors and try to coax him into a real relationship. If he's not interested, you may feel a little bit of heartbreak because you "love" him, but then you can move on and be free of the uncertainty.


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  • I'm not sure. This sounds like you're spoiling him and he doesn't know what he's getting...

    You should really respect yourself some more -- don't let a guy feel you up unless you're in a real relationship where you don't find yourself in such a situation.

  • lol. ask him yourself we have no clue honestly. we can say he just using you or w/e but in the end. we don't know what's going through his mind. anything listed here would only give you ideas but you want facts. face the facts and ask him :D


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