What's your take on this, and is it over or not?

This guy and I had a fling and when we hung out things went well and he mentioned going out to dinner, and doing other things together numerous times. He told me to text him about hanging out again and I did, but I texted him a week later. He replied right away asking what day, and time, but then ignored my text. Should I just move on? I am so confused!


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  • I am early 30's so I am slightly out of touch. At the same time I watched all this texting stuff go from, "what is texting?" to "he didn't text me back so we are breaking up." Although I think texting is an important and useful tool in communication I would never take a lack of response as something serious. Make sure to call and actually hear his voice tell you that he doesn't want to hang out before you assume he doesn't.

    "Hey, you didn't respond so I just wanted to make sure you got my text about when we are hanging out."

    If he acts all awkward them maybe he has changed his mind but make sure to make him say it. It sucks to be rejected but it sucks more to be strung along.


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  • no, sounds like he still wants to do it, maybe he forgot to respond because he was busy or something.. text him again and just say "hey did you get my last text?" and if he doesn't respond to that, then just let it go

  • Have you tried to text him again since this? If so and he's not replied depending how many texts you've sent then give up, you look clingy and he's not interested but if youve only text that once and he's not replied just wait a while I'm sure he'll text you! He'll have some reason behind it, just stay calm and don't keep thinking about it