Boyfriends and Thanksgiving dinner

Okay so my boyfriend invited me to his house for Thanksgiving and then my ex-boyfriend invited me. I had to tell my current boyfriend no I couldn't because I had family coming in. I told my ex that I was going out of town which I'm really not but I don't think I can go to my ex-boyfriend's house and not go to my current boyfriend's house. To me that would feel like cheating. Would that be considered cheating? idk at this point I feel like a bad girlfriend and really confused.


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  • No, it wouldn't be cheating but it is really weird. Why would you WANT to go to your ex boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving instead of your boyfriend's house or your own? I don't think it's necessary to lie to either of them. You've got family coming in so stay with them for the majority of the day, stop by your boyfriend's house for a little while and tell your ex that you'll be eating with family and your current boyfriend.


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  • Wow put yourself in her current boyfriend's shoes, what if this happened to you!?!

    • If you go to the X's house, you're a cheater, But why not go have lunch with your BF then go eat dinner with your family with or without him.

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  • If you can't go to your current's then how could you go to your ex's?

    Tell them both the truth!

    Tell your ex you have a boyfriend and you don't feel comfortable in doing that so you can't!

    No it's not really cheating it's just not being truthful!