How do I choose between two great guys?

Guy One: Great cute guy next door type. Kisses me all the time and everywhere: hands/arms/neck. We have lots in common movies/video games he introduces me to new music. He's 21 not into school, doesn't have a job but he's fun and chill.

Me: I'm hot. I love books/movies video games. I'm 24, a full time student, I help tutor under privileged kids, and wanna have fun.

Guy Two: Cute Indy downtown style. He's 27, can chat up a whole room but still makes me feel like the center of attention. We like the same things. He's a full times student and party goer.

I met guy one 6 months ago. Its been him and I: flirty, silly, during the week late night movies, kissing. We hang out at his place. Guy two I met three weeks ago and we hang out every weekend till like 4am watch movies, laughed drink...i stopped talking to guy one before Guy he wants to pick up where we left off

what do I do?


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  • As soon as they find out that you have this little respect for them they'll be gone before you can pick either.

    • little respect?

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    • if you really cared for either of them this wouldn't be a decision

    • So be with both of them?

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  • which one snowboards?

    • ummmm neither. I snowboard though...that should be on the list of stuff because who would take me :-( lol

      Guy one can't afford it I think and its not guy two's scene

  • listen dear if you are in love with both and you can't choose one so do one thing who just take a test of them that is the great to fine the real person or we can say real mr.right okie

    have fun


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  • obviously you've made a list, it's up to you to decide which traits are better than the other depending on if you want a short term or a long term relationship.

  • You have to figure out who it is you like, and I think you should maybe spend a bit more time with guy 2 and figure out your feelings.

    Personally though, if it were me, I would go for guy 2 (based on this information), because at 21 years old with no job and not going to school, or at the least with no plans are going to school, it makes me think that he doesn't want to do much with himself. I like guys that set goals for themselves and are active. That's just me personally.

    • I see what you're saying though now that I think about it guy one is kind of a flake he's cute, but eh'.

      And guy two is fun without being a flake plus when we go out downtown even after we first met he would introduce me to everyone so I wouldn't feel left out because I was a little outta place...

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    • ugggh guy one is so sweet...he just text me :-/

    • Guys can be sweet, but sometimes that isn't always enough. Especially if he's a flake as you said and seems relatively unmotivated. Again, it is your choice, you're the one who has to spend time the person. Don't know if this will work, but sometimes it helps to ask yourself questions like "if both guys were walking away from you, which would you chase after? If you don't chase either, you lose them both." Or if someone mentions "love" or "the guy" who immediately pops into your head?