I'm a little upset with him right before our date tonight (20 minutes)!

My date is in 20 minutes. he said it was a date. He told me his sister was coming to take him to lunch around 3 so he probably wouldn't be very hungry so...we were just gonna watch a movie he said he had class up until 7 but I go outside my apartment building and he's sitting there playing his guitar with his friends! (we live in the same apartment building) Why did he lie to me? How should I handle this?


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  • Not sure confrontation is the way to go, maybe causally ask about the class getting out early? Maybe he wanted to unwind before going on the date and he does that by playing guitar with his friends?


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  • If your date is in 20mins then how could he be at lunch with his sister at 3. Maybe he wanted to go on a date with you after 7 to watch a movie then after his class. I would confront him and ask him what's going on since you guys are neighbors.