What guy would you rather date?why

A). Would you like a nice caring guy that's a bit of a trouble maker,ugly,likes 2 hangout with people any day,and he has never had a girlfriend

B). Good looking ,overconfident, experienced sexually,joker likes 2 party,always taking bout himself. basiclly a prettyboy raver

C). Other type... please describe the guy


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  • C... I'd rather not have a trouble maker part of A, but the rest I'm fine with. I believe that if the person is good, they can always be found attractive. I would even possibly like the fact that he isn't very experienced. And B just annoys me. Overconfidence/arrogance is a MASSIVE turn-off for me.


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  • Other, an intelligent, good sense of humor, down to earth guy.. Confidence is always cool, because nothing sucks more than a guy who hates himself. Good taste in music is always a plus. And a nice smile.

  • The last two guys I dated, I can fit into categories A and B. except my A has had a girlfried before me haha. I think I like B better though because since he was better looking we had more chemistry. and yeah, he was kinda full of himself, but he was so hot, how could he not be?

  • I'd rather date a confident,funny,intelligent nice guy. Experience doesn't matter or bother me.


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