He keeps telling me he wants to hang out, but never makes the plan to, what is his deal?!

Okay so I have this old friend who him and I just was reunited (sort of, through facebook). After like a month of messaging back and forth, he finally asks for my number; which was just about a week ago. He is showing all signs of being interested in getting together with me… Maybe I’m getting too excited and over my head but every time we talk he tries to keep the conversation going (through text). Sometimes he initiates the conversation, sometimes I do. I think its pretty equal… He says he wants to hang out, and I say I do too. Last Saturday he texted me; asking what I was doing, it was pretty late but I told him I was playing cards and we kept texting back and forth for awhile. So Monday comes around and I just wanted to talk to him so I texted him to say hi! And he responded with a what’s up and I told him that I just wanted to say hi. And he told me he was glad I did. Is that a good sign? Anyways we started texting back and forth once again and he told me that we definitely need to hang out and play drinking card games together (because I told him I wanted to teach him how to play 13). I really want to toooo but when, damnit?!?! He keeps saying he wants to hang out with me but never tells me when! Am I doing anything wrong? I know I just gave my number to him to a week ago but we have been talking for over a month now. I’m really scared to ask him to do anything with me; I really would like him to ask me… as he keeps saying he wants to hang out with me. What is his deal? I would really want to see where this can go because I have always had a little crush on him….


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  • I agree you should be direct with him. But remember: behavior is truth. When someone's words and deeds don't match, their deeds are more important.


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  • He sounds indecisive and if you are comfortable I think you should kinda give a hint what day you are free. Why don't you set up a card night for your friends and ask him to join you. He might be comfortable hanging in group first. He sounds nervous too and maybe if you make a first move that would encourage to do the rest. If the guy doesn't like you, he wouldn't text you first or try to keep the conversation going.

    • Well... yesterday we were talking and I pretty much told him I work a 9-5 and go to school two nights out of the week, so I mean... isn't that good enough??? Maybe I'll ask if he wants to go to Towson with me this weekend.... I'm pretty scared though. I prob won't do it =(

    • Hmm...If he doesn't get the hint then go ahead and ask him to go to Towson with you. I'm like you, I'm scare of rejection but you have to get over your fear ;-) I regretted to this day that I didn't ask one of former co worker out. Came and find later that he liked me too. I was stupid because I wanted him to make his moves first but he never did. I did jokingly asked him to the movie one time and he replied " are you asking me out?" I got nervous and I said no. don't be scared.