How can I choose between two guys who like me?

Guy 1) We've been friends for a while and played on the same team. WE hung out once and things went pretty well. holding hands hugs talking non-stop. It was a great time. No we never really seem to talk and when I make an effort to make plans with him he always seems busy. I also think I might love this guy because from the first time we really talked, I always smiled and loved his presence. I'm a bit different from other girls, and when I'm with this guy I feel like I'm safe and I don't have to worry about beign judged and I cn be myself. It feel like we're just friends but it also feels like something more.

Guy 2) We polayed on the same team toether with guy 1 but me and guy 2 never reall talked a lot. sure there was a few great job, here and there but nothin gmajor like guy 1. I had a basketball tournament at guys 2's school last weekend and I ended up hurting my knee really badly that I had to hobble out of the gym. My coach didn't say anythign and than guy 2 comes up and genuinely asks "Are you okay?" and gives me a hand with my bag.I had no way of getting home so he offered a ride and I took it. When we were finally at my house he asked if I was good to get to the door by myself and I said " I think I can manage". Either way he came out and helped my up the stepsand inside. when he was leaving he hugged me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said "Hope you get better soon." than left.

so my problem is that I have two guy who like me... Or at least one. But I really like guy 1 and guy 2has shown me that he's into me. Or at least I think that's what he ment. I don't know which guy to choose because I have major feelings for both but only one seems to get atracted to me. What should I do? Who should I choose?


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  • idk there's something odd with the first guy, y would every time you try to make plans with him he'd be busy, if he really liked you he'd go out of his way to make sure he could spend more time with u, as for guy 2 doesn't sound like you no him very well, you should make an effort to try to hangout with him talk to him more etc until your sure about him, one kind gesture isn't enough to rush into a relationship with him because of, so overall I think you need to give it a little more time before deciding between them


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  • I think you should go with guy two. He seems more of a gentleman and a keeper.

  • guy 1 seems really nice. And because you have OBVIOUS feelings for him (more than guy 2) I would suggest you go with him. If you aren't sure about guy one, keep trying to ask him out or text him.

    OHOHOH! You could write out all the good things and bad things of every guy, and the one who has more good things could win?

    OR, you can do the very tacky (but true) thing and follow your heart. (: