Why does he call me babe?

I have a friend, and I've noticed that he calls me babe now. I think he started a few weeks ago. It started around the time I told him he was my fake boyfriend. (Joke with my friends.) We have a class together and he sits right behind me. We talk all the time in there and to get my attention, he would usually just call me by my name. I started noticing though that he would call me babe. Like I would be facing the front of the class, and then I'd hear someone calling me "babe, babe. pssst, babe turn around." At first I wouldn't turn around because I wasn't even sure if I was the one he was calling. I never asked him why he does that because I don't wanna make it into a big deal if it doesn't mean anything. A couple days ago though, in class, he had asked me out. I wasn't sure if he was being serious or joking, so I didn't give an answer. He texted me that night though and told me he was being serious and that he liked me a lot. I told him I had liked him too, and I hoped that meant... Show More

He also tends to call me his love, if that matters any...