When to call after a one night kinda thing?

The night before I went to a kick back and ended up staying the night because I didn't want to drive intoxicated. My night there I ended up sleeping with one of the guys there. We didn't have sex though, we mainly just ended up talking, getting to know each other,held hands cuddled (a lot of cuddling!) and kissed. It was really sweet :3! In the beginning it was a lot of flirting. In the morning he woke up first, he took a shower and I just kinda tidied up the place and made the bed. He made us breakfast and we ended up cuddling and kissing some more. I Had to leave early so we exchanged numbers kissed and hugged goodbye. I honestly don't know if he's going to text me or call me. Should I text him or wait for him to do it? Or was it just a one night thing? I felt like we shared a connection.. I don't know what do you think?!


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  • i think you guys did share a connection and it was good. I don't think it was just a one night thing, and I think you can probably make something more out of it. just give him some time though, its only Monday and you said you did this over the weekend. don't text him immediately because it will make you sound kinda desperate and more emotionally attached than you really want to seem. so give it a few days, id say maybe talk to him late on Wednesday or Thursday if he hasn't contacted you by then

    • After waiting for a few days and if he hasn't tried contacting me, Should I try to initiate contact?

      and if yes how should I come across doing so?

    • yes if he doesn't then just text him. something simple and easy though, "hey how you doing? =)"


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  • one night thing don't bother with it


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  • wait a few days for him to get in touch