How do I recreate the spark when we both we're first going out?

it feels a little boring in our relationship right now... I can't invite him over because he got grounded so I'm stuck with him only 5 hours a week. I want to be stuck with him for at least 15 hours! hm... He has stopped saying great and sweet things to me and I feel a little meh... I love him but I feel meh about some things


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  • To be honest with you it sounds like you need a bit of a break. I'm not saying date other people but it sounds to me like you need to take a break from each other. I understand he got grounded and you can't see him but I'm talking about just sort of easing up a bit. To me it sounds like you rushed your relationship and you're only 17. Guys come and go at your age and I think you just need to sit back and re-evaluate why you're with him. Don't tell me why, tell him and talk about it with him.

    I hope I wasn't too harsh :P


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  • well, ooey gooey feelings are not love I can assure you. you got those feelings from him saying those sweet things right? if you truly loved him you would be happy with him no matter what happens (within reason, if he's cheating or beatiing on you then that's a different story). love is when you would do anything and everything for another person's well-being above your own.

    to answer your question, if you want that spark, go read a fairytale book. sorry to be blunt but you won't get that kind of stuff in a relationship 100% of the time. there will be ups and downs but as long as you guys are together as one, nothing else matters. that is what true love is.