First she rejected, now she is interested?

Asked a girl out about 3 months ago and I got rejected pretty fast. She explained the issue was age difference, and I was fine with that. We remained friends and had no problems. Couple days ago I get an email saying if I am still interested in dating. I imagine the only reason she would ask this is if she has become interested? She had no boyfriend or anything, so I'm curious why someone would change their mind when they were so quick to refuse at first? Any women got any idea?


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  • It sounds like she was too nervous to pursue you the first time and now wants a second chance. She likes you, but needs time to feel it out. Go for it.


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  • She just thought about it more, and during that period of time of being friends with you she saw something about you that wants her to give it a try. Don't be too enthusiastic about it, she could be in her really lonely period of time, where she finds comfort in you right now kind of thing. I would take her out, and see what happens. Don't rush or have hopes up, go with the flow.


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  • Sounds like she thought about it and changed her mind, but there's no way of knowing why unless you talk to her. Go out with her and enjoy it, I find women often don't change their minds when they decide not to date someone.