Does this make a good "creative" online dating greetings to send?

So I'd like to get some opinions or thoughts on this greeting I'm going to send to a girl tomorrow that seems nice on an online dating site. Is it "creative" or lame or is there anything you would change? Thanks in advance!

The greeting-

-Hi Jenny, I'm guessing that's probably your name lol if it isn't then your header is misleading lol. I'm Juan and so although I've lived here for 3 years, I still feel like I'm new in town! Maybe we could go out and explore together? Hope to talk to you soon.-


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  • Don't add the part about you guessing Jenny is her name. If that's what her header is, then that's what she feels comfortable with people people calling her. No need to point it out. Have you even chatted with her at all? If not, I'd suggest getting to know her a bit before asking to meet her in person/on a date. Say, "Hey, I noticed you like guitars [or dogs, or reading, or something on her profile]. Me too. What's your favorite type? Mine's [fill in the blank]. Hope to hear from you soon, maybe we can debate which acoustics [etc] is better :)"

    Don't know if that helps, but your original one was kinda... eh...


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  • it's okay...not brillant but not lame too...

    • is there any way you would maye it better? or what would make a "brilliant" greeting to you? I'd put in some of her interests in there but she doesn't mention any

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  • Me and a bunch of guys who learn how to pick up girls created a female profile one time as an experiment, females get around 10-30 messages per day from guys, every guy thinks they are being creative

    • and... that's not really answering my question at all, thank you for your pointless post