Kiss on the hand?

What do you think of a guy if he does the kiss on the hand thing?

Say you've gotten to know each other a little bit. do you like that as a flirting thing, or is it weird. I've only done that with actual girlfriends, so it's hard to tell.

Also, do you appreciate it when a guy offers to walk you to your car? I thought girls appreciated this, but based on the responses I've had. . .


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  • I definately like a guy to escort me to my car and I live about 30 minutes outside the town and a text asking me if I made it home safely is sweet. It just means he cares, not necessarily romantic intentions.

    Now if you kiss a girl on the hand, most girls will interpret that as a sign of romantic interest. So I would be careful about doing that if you don't want to send the wrong signal to a girl. It's sweet, but it's also a subtle flirt in a gentleman way. If you kiss the hand of a girl that you are attracted to, do with it with a smile and wink before you walk away. It's the best! :-)


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  • Well I think a kiss on the hand depends on who's doing it. If I kind of already knew him and liked him, I would probably think it was cute. But if the guy hardly knew me, I'd probably think he was just sucking up lol.

    But walking me to my car is pretty much always sweet, it shows they really care. Plus, it's a great way to get some 'alone time' together if both people want it haha.

  • I think its romantic. I met this French guy when I was on vacation. He introduced himself by looking into my eyes, taking my hand and kissing it. Then he complimented my perfume (but I wasn't wearing perfume, I just rushed to the internet cafe from my evening shower - so he must have smelt my lotion/shower gel. lol). I didn't know him but that was so romantic. I'll never forget him.

  • Walking to the car, yeah!

    Kiss on the hand, not so much.


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