First date suggestions?

I am sure this has been asked before but I have my first ever date coming up on Saturday. I am 20, she is 24 so I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions? I've never done the dating thing, so I don't really know what is expected of me. Obviously be on time, and pay for the meal. Besides that, do I need to dress up? I already have a restaurant picked out, but what should we do after that? Any suggestions? I really appreciate it.


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  • In my opinion...first dates are always the worst. So what I would do is go to a movie first...then go out to dinner. Then you guys have something to talk about to get you going. Also it's good for the movies first because If you or the girl is nervous...being in the presence of the person...but not needing to relieves the nervousness. Good luck :)


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  • First off, relax. All you need to do is buy her food and talk to her. Getting the first date is the hard part, the date is easy. Don't dress like your going to go to church or something. If you have any female friends, have them help you out here. I once bit the bullet and went clothes shopping with a few girls cause I had almost nothing but my uniforms and guess what? Girls love doing that, sure they'll probably dress you like a gay dude but it makes you look great to them if you put up with it and they'll likely set you up with plenty of advice for your date and have you looking good. After you eat, you should just walk around and talk. If your date is over right after the meal it seems rushed to get out of it.