What do guys like to do when they hang out?

OH MY GOD! This guy I really like asked me when I'm I free to hang out I said Sunday he said cool what you wana do. I DONT Know! What do guys usually like to do when they hang out? I also want it to be comfortable because ATM we are sort of just getting to know each other and I'm very awkard .


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  • The problem here is that guys are different around girls. For most guys, when it comes to hanging out with other guys we can be as simple as sitting in a room and watching TV, playing video games like Call of Duty, or going out to throw a football around. If a guy is interested in a girl, hanging out could be anything from watching a movie at one of your houses or just walking around at the mall. Basically a date minus the "requirement" of paying to go out, though it is still a possibility as well.

  • Their is a lot of things you and him can do. You can go out and play pool or bowling. You can go see a movie or watch a movie inside. You can walk aroundthe mall together. It all depends on what makes you feel comfortable. And try not to be nervous just play it casual.


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