How long does a guy usually wait to text or call the girl?

How long does a guy usually wait to text or call the girl. 12 days and I think its going to be longer...or never?


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  • Sometimes it's hard to tell this. I think some guys won't because they are insecure or afraid of rejection if we don't text back or pick up. Or they don't want to bother or annoy us, or something along these lines. I think some (a lot?) guys have a messed up sense of time, too (well, this is probably true of a lot of people in general, me included). Sometimes daaaays can pass before they realize, "Oh, I meant to call her. I'll call tomorrow..." and then it's two weeks.

    Then there are the jerks and players, and you shouldn't want one of them to text or call you anyways. Sometimes they want to control the relationship and this is one of the ways they do it. There are a lot of reasons. We could sit around all day and wonder. I'm 30 and chasing a 31 year old dude, going through the same thing. The only way to really figure out what's up is to let down your pride and communicate first. I know, it sucks. I'm as stubborn as you are.

    • Aww thanks girl! I hope this guy your chasing for realizes for who you are.

    • Yeah, he does. :D He's one of the doesn't want to bother me, insecure types, I'm fairly sure. Being long distance doesn't help, either. But, you and I both just have to give things time to work themselves out. If they don't, clearly this dude wasn't who he seemed to be. I know that sucks too, but then figuring out what makes us happy in relationships is what this is all about, right?

    • Yeah. um. I sometimes lose track of the week :s


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  • 3 days is the rule.

  • I would text daily or close to it. 12 days sounds like never.


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  • If he really likes you then he will call! If he's not interested, then maybe on the weekends, when he's drunk.

    *I'm talking from experience.

    • me too girl..but last weekend he didn't call and he gets drunk on the weekends a lot I know...i just don't understand obviously there way more to the story but he told me to call him some other time after the awful call. and he knows how stubborn I am..

    • I hate guys! Unless he's really busy with work, school, or family, he will make the time to call if he likes a girl.