13 days and no text or call. Is he even thinking about me as much as I AM!

Hes the one told me the bad news on the phone. Yes I wasn't very nice about it not like I was terribly mean.

Im sick and tired of thinking about him looking at this phone. Its so hard for me to move on. He told me to call him some other time when I said I had to go.Which I never do.


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  • Geez why didn't you call? If you want to talk to him and he asked you to call why don't you? Ever think he was waiting for you to call and is wondering why you haven't? Sort of like what you're doing, except you never told him to call, so why expect him to?


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  • why don't you call?

    • Its way more complicated. Not like we got in a BIG fight but he's the man. I'm seeing that he doesn't care!

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    • not enough to call him

    • he has TOO! I did nothing wrong!

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  • He may very well be missing you too. But I agree with your comment that he should call you since he did the breaking up. I would think any guy that initiated a breakup would get that if he is wanting the girl back, he should call her.

    • we didn't break up.. the call I guess it wasn't what he expected me to say..but yea

  • don't call, just move on. which you will given time.