Ladies have you ever found a guy like this?

Ladies is it just me or is dating guys that are insecure kind of a turn off? Don't get me wrong everyone has their insecurities, but I'm talking extreme here. Like text constantly and always ask "Did you think about me today?" "Did anyone ask about me?" "Do you love me?" OK that last one I made up, but I've gone out with this guy for like a month and I'm sorry, but I feel like I'm dating a girl! I'm not sure how to handle this and I really am getting tired of ALL of the questions every time we are together. Can't we just watch a movie instead of the therapy session? Sometimes I just don't want to talk about my feelings!


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  • Yeah, two seconds of that and I'm outta there. Is he young?

    • 30!

    • Oh, what?! Okay, he's too old to be acting like that. He needs to grow up, or grow a pair! How on earth do you deal with that?

    • Don't anymore lol! I hated to be that person, but couldn't get through to him talking so I just ignored him until he got the message. I really don't like doing that, but the guy just wasn't getting it! He drunk texts me now and again. Its not like we were even boyfriend & girlfriend or slept together for that matter! I don't know where I find these guys :(

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  • tell him about this issue. communicate. otherwise, you'll end up breaking up with him. and the clingy ones get hurt a lot.

    • I'm an independent type of person, he into constant togethernis. What would be worse keep dating him and end up breaking up six months from now?

    • worse if you broke up later. if you do, make sure you tell him its you and not him cause this guy sounds like he's gonna cry big time. But those 2 aren't your only options. Tell him that you aren't attracted to clingy/needy guys. Tell him you don't like ultra sensitive emotional men. If you have to, hint that your last boyfriend was like that and you dumped him. You must tell him that you are an independent person because he is probably worried that he'll lose you and that's why is acting like...

    • ..this. Basically he feels a little insecure. And you have to relax his insecurities. Then he will change. And if he still doesn;t, then I guess you oughta suck it up or dump him and find another man. But if you're going out with him, that means you like/liked him. Keep that in minnd and give him a chance. Try to sort out this mess. Good luck.

  • does he do this All the time?

    • Pretty much every time we see each other. Things will be fine we will be talking about are days when he takes a huge left turn into emotionsville. He is always bring up my past relationships which isn't really a fun topic. Its not like I still even see him. He tells me he loves me at least three times a night and sure its sweet, but you can say stuff to your heart content if I'm not feeling the same just yet I'm not going to say it just because you want to hear it ya know?

    • yeah I know what you mean. on a scale of 1-10 how cute are you? even though that may be irrelevent. you might be his first and feels insecure because he thinks tht you might leave him know what I mean?

  • He's desperate, you can do better!

    Date a girl lol

    • Lmoa! He's pretty close to it!

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  • oh gosh! it's like he wants you to be thinking about him ALL the time. Sounds like you're dating someone extremely clingy. You must be feeling irritated at every question. I once dated a guy who always asked "so what are you thinking about?"

    If it really gets to you, you should talk to him otherwise one day it'll be your last straw and you'll snap at him. He's probably trying to have his ego patted by knowing that all you think about is him - which might not be a bad thing (you're right, sounds like a girl actually).

    Maybe say something when he nexts asks you those questions, like "babe, I think about you all the time and I love you heaps, but I'd like it if you didn't ask me so often.. it kind of gets to me"

    I donno... but if you do decide to talk to him stay positive and say "i like it if you..." and try not to say "I don't like this..." or "i hate it when you do this..." do you know what I mean? I hope that helps..

    • Yeah I can feel myself getting ready to just blow completely. I already super stressed out and he knew this before are very first date and I feel like he pushes and pushes and pushes. Its making me noy want to even see him in person anymore...Seems more like an interigation then a date.

    • ahh yes, you definitely have to communicate to him. Let him know how you feel about this situation. if he loves you he will do whatever he can to please you and keep you happy. He probably doesn't even realize that it annoys you, I think you should bring this up to his attention..

  • It is a huge ass turnoff! If you are insecure, you need to work on yourself and loving yourself before you worry about getting into a relationship. Nobody has time to babysit someone's fragile emotions all the time, I just have to be real about that! I had an ex that was super insecure and he was so clingy and overemotional I lost attraction to him. Confidence is key! I'm sure guys hate dating insecure girls for that same reason.