What do you do when you dump your partner?

Do you move on straight away, or do you try to get over it for a few weeks or months, even though you were the one that dumped them.

What if the relationship was going nowhere so you dumped them?

Move on or get over it for a while?

What happens if they did something unforgivable?

Move on or get over it for a while?


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  • It all depends on your emotional attachment to the relationship. However, I'll give you rough numbers anyway:

    1) Around 2-3 weeks if you really had no attachment since the relationship was grounded. If it was good in the beginning but eventually died out, maybe a month or two.

    2) Also depends on how attached you were; if you were cheated on or some other while you felt for the girl, I'd say 2-3 months (and perhaps more if you dated for a year and over).

    You can't just force yourself to move on--your whole mental state has to naturally shift away from the girl in order to heal fully. If you do force it, you may be picking up rebound relationships just to kill the pain.


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  • it takes a few weeks


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