Is he not interested? What is he possibly thinking?

I met this guy from an online dating site. He went out on first date. It went really well, he put his hand on my waist while we were crossing the street, the conversation went really well too. No awkward moments or anything. He dropped me off at home and we hugged goodbye. 3 days later as promised I texted him about my evaluation on our first date and he said that was exactly why he was waiting the last few days and suggested we should do it again sometime soon. However, after that conversation he never contacted me about a 2nd date, as the matter of fact he does not contact me at all. What's the deal? How can he do that? I mean if he's not interested in seeing me again, just let me know. I hate the fact he can't be straight forward.

So I talked to my roommate and she told my why not just text him, the worst can happen is that he doesn't respond, if that's the case I get my answer: he's not interested. But he actually responded "wassup cutie pie". So I asked him if the invitation (tbc)
is still valid and he said sure, but it will have to be next week, if its OK. So I said OK that works, and asked him if Saturday sounds good, again no response?! It took him forever to reply my texts! Its not just now that he does this, he's always(tbc)
slow in responding. And now he leaves me hangin again :/.


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  • Ugh...I know what you mean! Man up and communicate! It's not brain surgery! I mean, he made the first move and went on a date with you...I would think the hard part is over. But there's a lot of immature guys out there too. Move on girlie...time to throw that line back out in the ocean! ;-)


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  • He might like you but has something else going on right now. Or maybe thought Ill wait to see if she like me. Who knows but like the other dude said its a coward move.

  • Yeah. People are cowards. I've had two women do that to me recently.

    • I would appreciate it more if he could just shoot me a text say hey I'm not interested anymore, just want to let you know, blah blah.

    • People don't want to look "mean." And then they complain when other people do this to them. It's just part of why I hate dating so much.

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  • There you have it. Throw in the towel sweety. He's not worth it.

    • I thought of letting it go. But he seems irresistably intriguing. I want to get to know him more. People tend to bore me after a certain amount of time, this guy hasn't. He makes me chase him a little bit and I know he does play a little bit of mind games too which I have to admit keep me interested. I want to give it a shot. If after the 2nd date (if there is one) and he still does not make any move, I'll move on.

    • I know what you mean. Sounds like you have a plan, and that's a good idea. You're not freaking out over this. Good luck, and keep us posted! ;-)