Guys, why isn't he calling me, it's been 15 days (nothing)?

he called me on the phone about 15 days ago and tells me bad news from his previous ex and ya he said he still wants to hang out with me but I didn't say much after that.. I just said I have to go and he told me call him some other time. WHICH I have not and not going to. Has he forgotten about me is he even waiting for my call or text. Cause of course I have been and I'm pretty sad and depressed about it.


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  • He most likey thinks your not interested in him, or he only went out with you hoping to sleep with you if that's the case its not worth getting up set about it and move on


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  • He probably thinks you lost interest. The ball was in your court and you dropped it. Oh well.


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  • Maybe he thinks you're not interested in him anymore... instead of being depressed over it, why don't you call/text and say hey, what's up? Then if he doesn't answer, you know he's moved on.

    • Well I think he's not interested in ME. And I am afraid to talk to him because of rejection and I don't want to be more hurt, he should call or text me. Wtf

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    • well, you can sit around and depressed...or you can find out the answer. What do you care about most? Do you want to stay depressed? OK but don't complain to us about it. Do you want to know the answer? text/call him. OR god forbid, move on to a new guy... Surely this guy isn't the ONLY fish in the water for you, is he?

    • he is I love him.. and he is always on my mind and its hard for me too move on! and its hurts