Call me some other time he said?

Longgggg story short..He told me stuff and I didn't how to go with it I said what I said.He still wants to hang out with me kinda like that. Long awkward silence told him I had to go. My heart was broken. No contact in a long time like more then 2 weeks.


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  • what happened? so confused.

  • OK, I'm not really sure how to give my 2 cents because I don't really know what went down. But if he hasn't talked to you in 2 weeks, cut the boy loose. You're obviously not a priority to him so you can safely say that the ship has sailed away. Don't blame yourself for whatever it is that you said, you were probably just being honest & being yourself. If he couldn't handle that then that's just too bad, because you shouldn't have to change yourself for him. I just don't think this guy's deserving of your care or attention especially with the way he's behaving.