Why do guys try to date me when they already have a girlfriend?

Just wanna understand why guys only want me on the side?(not all the time of course but it happens a lot) :(


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  • I imagine those guys aren't very faithful, and they find you extremely attractive; attractive enough they'd be willing to end their current relationship just for a shot with you.


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  • Many men are animals. It's a very simple answer. Many men persue more than one girl at a time and it's obvious what they want. And it is obvious that dedication, commitment, and exclusivity are not their traits (for those men anyway).

    This unfortunate fact is not true for all men.

  • well some guys just want extra pleasure at that age. that and they could be dipping ther feet in PolyMonogamous lifestyle, if I said it right it means equal relationships with different partners. its very different and works for some people and not for others, traditionally only one person gets the sole focus of attentio because when its shared many partners can become jeolous of others but it can work very well.


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