Should I forget him?

I dated a boy my senior year of high school after we co-starred in the school play the previous year. He was 16 and I was 18. In the fall, I moved away for college. We tried to stay together, but we fought too much and he broke up with me in October. I was totally devastated, but by November, I met a guy and tried to move on. In December, I ended up seeing a mutual friend who told me that my ex was miserable. I didn't have any contact with him until the spring, when I decided to send him a text. We talked for a while. We would talk occasionally over the summer, even though I was still dating this guy. We wouldn't talk again, except for the occasional text, until the next summer.

My would-be second year, I transferred to a college closer to home, since I was not fond of living far away. I was still dating my boyfriend at the time, even though the relationship was now long distance. My ex was now closer than ever, but I was still angry with him so I made no attempt to contact him. Admittedly, I still thought about him. In the summer, before my boyfriend came home from college, I saw my ex. We met at an outlet mall to catch up. It was lame, but seeing him even once, two years later, my feelings came back.

When my boyfriend arrived home in the spring, frustrated with myself, I told him I needed a break. During this break, I would see my ex five times. Please keep in mind that my ex, at this point, is in his senior year of high school. The fifth time, we briefly started to have sex for the first time at my house. We were cut very short when he told me he couldn't continue because he didn't want to have a sexual relationship with someone who was not his girlfriend. He told me he would see me the following week, but he never made any attempt. He moved away two weeks later for college. I got back with my boyfriend.

Two months later, he texted me when he came home for Thanksgiving asking to see me. He picked me up very early in the morning and we sat in his car. I asked him why he never called, and he said he had been very busy preparing for school. I knew that was crap. He told me he was seeing a girl from college. I told him I was still seeing my boyfriend of two years. We left it at that. We have had no contact since, except that I think about him all the time. I know he really hurt me, but I can't describe it, I feel like a part of me is missing without him.

Three days ago, he sent me a message at 2:59 AM and it read, "I miss you." I asked him why he would send me such a message, and he still hasn't replied. What should I do? Should I change my number? Should I tell him how I feel? I'm still dating my boyfriend, who does not know about our incident, but I don't want to hurt him. Why should I lose a great guy if my ex isn't even genuine? But I don't know how I feel about my boyfriend compared to my ex. I hate this.


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  • First of all your both already seeing different people and as for you, your with your Boyfriend don't you think it's unfair on him the fact you had sex with your EX? I'am not implying that your wrong with this but you have to realize this is for the EX he is still probably having second thoughts about being with you..Now is the time to decide for yourself if you want either of these guys in your life..for me the best thing to do is to talk it out with your current and be honest with what your feeling..and as for the EX best thing to do is say your piece and move on with your know that this is unhealthy..who would you choose? the one whose with you all the time..or someone from your past who can't even meet you half way


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  • Sweetie, you kinda answered your own question in the title, if it is an emergency and he has treated you bad, you broke up in the first place cause of fighting, well, I'm sure you know the answer.

  • Wow, all I can say is I'm glad I'm not dating you. There's no shortage of women who will screw around on you. Actually, you might be able to give me some advice. How do I avoid women like you?

  • Why are you messing with two guys' hearts?

    Seriously :|


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