Did he just ask me out to a date?

Last time, he said that we should try out the new restaurant but I was busy with my midterms, so I told him and suggested that we go another week. I thought he had forgotten about it but he asked me again today. He did not mention about asking anyone else, but I didn't want to ask "anyone else" in case that might come off as me not wanting to be alone with him (am I over thinking here?). Anyway, so if it will just be the two of us, does that mean that he has just asked me out on a date? I am already happy that I'll be seeing him soon.


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  • Yes, it's a date. Please relax a little, have fun and don't obsess so much (or as you put it, overthink).

    • Thanks, that is nice to hear. I never consider anything a date until the guy specifically say it is a date. But this situation seems like one, so I couldn't be sure at first :).

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  • Its definately a date. Have fun

    • Thank you, I will. It is going to be a nice date then :).

  • Thats definitly a date. Hope you have a good time.


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