How do I get my girlfriend to initiate a kiss?

we're in high school and have been dating for quite some time but I always have to initiate kisses.


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  • Tell her to. Say it kinda jokingly like "ya know you can kiss me too :)" (the smiley is part of the general attitude, please don't actually say "ya know you can kiss me too, semi-colon, left parentheses").

    No, but seriously if you're in a relationship that's physically intimate to an extent you have the right to voice you desires.

    Good luck broski.


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  • Ok what I would do if I were you is just don't kiss her for a while and see what happens

    if she snaps or something and think what wrong with you she will try to find out but what you will do is play it hard tell her there nothing wrong why she will assume or think that. After she been asking for a while she may get the clue of what's going on so ask her how she felt about that and say that's how you feel...Also when you kiss her bit her lip make her want more and then just tell her to stop that will make her want to kiss you more often ever time you kiss her kiss her then leave her wanting more.. Make sure you stop the habit of been the 1st one to try to initiate the kiss because that will get her used to and she won't try because she knows you will be the one to kiss 1st.


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  • I don't know, I pretty much always initiate kissing in adulthood too