What does it mean when a guy texts you and then they don't reply back?

so this guy always like texts me but when I got reply he won't text back...I'm so confused?

help and explain why he could do this.



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  • I'm as confused when girls do the same, but I've done this myself.

    Either the guy:

    - is too busy to reply (happens to all of us)

    - forgot to reply (also happens)

    - did it on purpose (don't want to sound needy and text girls TOO much)

    If he ALWAYS does this then he might just be messing with you.

    When I reply to a girl's text I usually wait a little bit to reply, but just recently I didn't reply to a girl's text because I wasn't sure how to reply and by the time I thought of something it was kinda of late so I didn't text her... :-/


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  • Gee who knows. Could be a number of reasons. Maybe he didn't care enough to reply - it's happened with me before. A girl texting me up her bad night in which I reply "aww sorry to hear that" in which she keeps texting me more details. I just read it and don't bother replying, because it's not gonna make any difference.

    If you're looking for a convo to develop over text, forget it. Mature guys out there don't talk over text. We talk in person.

  • dont read too much into it. he could genuinely have been busy at the time and just forgot about it. try calling nest time. if he doesn't answer just leave a message (just once) about how you were bored or whatever and wanted to see what he was doin.

  • What does he say? What do you say?

    Does it even require a text back? If he asks you a simple Q, and you answer it, maybe he's just the type that ends it.

  • Maybe his phone broke.

    Or he left it.

    Or sometimes us guys do this, so we leave girls feeling baffled.


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  • To me sounds like he is bored and he's texting around to see who is fun to talk to. If he doesn't text back mean he probably talking to other people.

  • He's probably busy or got caught up with something else.But I say if it happens a lot don't text him it's like showing him I'm not playing around.