Why can't I get over her?

I haven't seen my ex in almost 2 years. Well, in January she sent me a text saying that she would love to see me again. I said yes and wanted to set up a day to meet. She ended up canceling and then I saw her at the mall with another guy. It pisses me off cause my feelings for her started to come back. I can't get my mind off of her and don't know how to forget about her.

I'm currently not dating anybody. I had a year long relationship end back in November and haven't dated much since...
Thanks danigurl6! Yeah it's crazy how similar our stories are! I'm trying to keep busy but it's amazing how much it's affecing my job. I have a desk job and can sit there all day thinking about it..sucks! I guess it just takes time!


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  • Wow sounds like me & you are in the same situation. My ex just did the same thing..we have been apart for 2 years..& he just came back in the picture, he has a Girlfriend he's not happy with, but I'm realizing he's not going to leave her..so here I am..pissed because my feelings have come back! Sounds like you can't get over her because you still love her..I think those are the ones you know you love. I also had a year long relationship that ended in November! wasn't much of a relationship..i think it was a rebound..something never felt "right" about it..but I tried to make it work. That guy lingers as well...but it didn't effect me nearly as much as this one. It sucks..Im not sure what to tell you as far as getting over her. All I can say is I understand what your going thru, try to keep busy! Keep your head up! Best Wishes!


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  • oh gosh! id lose my mind at a desk! yes time heals all...eventually...hang in there!

  • Who are you dating now?


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