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Should I text him back after he got mad at me?

Hi, I've been dating this guy for 2 months and for the past few weeks he's really been asking a lot about the other guys that I'm dating. He'll ask... Show More

So I texted him anyways saying that it seemed like we had a lot of miscommunication, that I still like him but that I was just trying 2 ask him in a way that was no pressure.he still hasn't responded yet. ill give it a day. if he doesn't respond then eff him
He got back 2 me. Then I told him that I wasn't gonna take him treating me badly and would leave if he didn't get his act together.i texted him a cheery message the next morning. He then called me.He asked me 2 be his gf.So now its official
hope my story helps other girls in this situation. Let him know you care but don't loose who you are in the proccess & be OK if it doesn't work out

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  • Call him and talk about something else. If he isn't actually mad, then you can refer to the text. Say that texting causes mixups sometimes.

    If you're actually more interested in him than other people, tell him so. But don't suggest being exclusive anymore. Let him bring that up if he's comfortable.

    End the call politely, then go back to business as usual, knowing the ball is in his court. Continue telling the truth about seeing other people, if he asks.

    • thanks so much 4 the advice. I think that it was key that I told him that I wouldn't take him treating me badly. Then afterward I talked 2 him about positive stuff off the topic. I think it helped him open up 2 me so that when we did bring the topic back up, it less stressful so he ended up asking me 2 be his gf! :) this advice really eased the tension

What Guys Said 3

  • well to be fair you offered him a chance to be exclusive and he did not take it so yup its your fault jk ah the guy has too much of an ego and you should not text him I mean you offered him the chance and he didn't take it ? what's wrong with him?

    • i agree you offered him the chance and he decided to be a ass instead of tell you what he wanted.

    • yup..he had his chance. I just doent get it why guys act this way? I was being cool about it all. I wasn't trying 2 pressure him. I don't get why he got upset..my friends say its because he doesn't want me with other guys but doesn't wanna claim me yet. what do you think?

    • he wants you to be chasin him instead :) think about it the fact that you seeing other guys kinda increases your value. imagine what he would do for him 2 be your 1st preference. its basically an ego thing for him

  • Don't apologize, just try and talk with him about it again so you know more clearly where he is coming from. If he pulls the same thing then you should walk away.

    • this was the second best advice. I probably would have ended up stop talking 2 him if he had kept being upset. But I'm glad things worked out

What Girls Said 4

  • I would say text him...but not to apologize, because you did nothing wrong. In ny opinion, there's still more work to be done on this issue. Even though he says he isn't mad, there's a tone in his voice that's leads me to believe he's not satisfied with the conclusion...or lack thereof. Don't just leave this hanging.

  • ok well he seems mad that your dating other guys. Is he dating other women? If so then he has no reason to be mad at you. If he wants to be exclusive then he needs to come out and say it.

  • I agree with your friend,don't text him you did nothing wrong. As a matter of fact you did the right thing by clearing this up to him. Now if he wants to be exclusive he better say something because your not a mind reader.Your not going to stop going out on dates with other people just because he doesn't like it, his problem not yours.

    • ur rigt I didn't do anything wrong. I hope he gets back at me. But I'm going on spring break at the end of this week. So I told myself if he doesn't get his act together by the weekend then I'm going 2 delete his number from my phone. It just sucks because I REALY like him :( I thought he was different

    • Yeah go ahead you can't be waiten for him till he's happy either

    • thanks 4 your advice too. It helped me put him in check. I think he needed 2 know how his behavior was affecting me & that I wouldn't stand 4 it. But I think it also helped that I told him that I really care 4 him @ the same time. Hope my story helps other girls in my situation

  • he said he wasn't mad...open your damn ears! (or eyes I guess)

    • I agree. He's not mad! Exclamation points don't always = anger.

    • yeah but if he wasntupset then y ot respond 2 my message today? He's at least frustrated..and he's acted this was when we had a small mix up once b4

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