Should I text him back after he got mad at me?

Hi, I've been dating this guy for 2 months and for the past few weeks he's really been asking a lot about the other guys that I'm dating. He'll ask if I see them as often as I see him, and kinda gets jealous whenever I talk about the other guys I'm dating (each time he brings it up). I thought he... Show More

So I texted him anyways saying that it seemed like we had a lot of miscommunication, that I still like him but that I was just trying 2 ask him in a way that was no pressure.he still hasn't responded yet. ill give it a day. if he doesn't respond then eff him
He got back 2 me. Then I told him that I wasn't gonna take him treating me badly and would leave if he didn't get his act together.i texted him a cheery message the next morning. He then called me.He asked me 2 be his gf.So now its official
hope my story helps other girls in this situation. Let him know you care but don't loose who you are in the proccess & be OK if it doesn't work out

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  • Call him and talk about something else. If he isn't actually mad, then you can refer to the text. Say that texting causes mixups sometimes.

    If you're actually more interested in him than other people, tell him so. But don't suggest being exclusive anymore. Let him bring that up if he's comfortable.

    End the call politely, then go back to business as usual, knowing the ball is in his court. Continue telling the truth about seeing other people, if he asks.

    • thanks so much 4 the advice. I think that it was key that I told him that I wouldn't take him treating me badly. Then afterward I talked 2 him about positive stuff off the topic. I think it helped him open up 2 me so that when we did bring the topic back up, it less stressful so he ended up asking me 2 be his gf! :) this advice really eased the tension