What does it mean "I'll call soon" but he never did?

I'M in long distance relationship with my boyfriend and have about an day time difference with him. It was around 6:30 am my time and I had told him that I had to go to bed. and So he texted me around 4:30 his time saying that he is also going to bed that he is tired. and Now its been over almost 24 hours I have yet to heard him other thing and I texted him and he has very first iphone and he said that he has to pay for wireless if he checks emails is that a lie? Also party of me don't think that he was sleeping is there possibility that he is cheating? I mean I m putting effort and he does too by texting me later on but i am slowly starting to think that its a lie that he is sleeping if he did sleep at 4am there is not a reason if he woke up I texted him around 9:38 am or 10:30 ish again. Ami being too needy and boys why would you say ill call soon but never do? Not even one text back should I ignore it?!


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  • I say don't text or call or anything until he contacts you back. He might just be incredibly busy. And constantly textin an callin him will just push him away. How long have you been dating him? How much do you see him? Where did you meet him and how? I can't tell if he's cheating unless I know these facts.

    • i have knwon him for 8 month now... and starting from febuary he started to treat me like crap... and he said it was cause he was incredibly busy and tho we did texts and call threw long ditance.. I don't see him at all now cause we both hate ( dislike webcam) and we argreed that we ill wait to see both of us in person. We meet each other through a friend... he has march break from this week. I don't no if he will call or txt.. I live in asia and he lives in us.

    • Yeah honey, he might have found someone in the U.S to date..not to sound mean..he may and he may not..but he is probably thinking..it will never work..he may be astoundingly attracted to you, but he may think it will never work. Talk to him about it. Tell him what's running through your mind. He may have as many doubts as you do. Good luck <3

    • when I asked him if he wants to break up he said no... and then I asked him there was not a day where you have thought about breaking up he said no.


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  • He's too busy


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  • he probably forgot or just said that