Guys- Do you get annoyed when a girl texts you?

My friend introduced me to this guy and we all went out and he told my friend he had a great time, thought I was cute and told her to give me his number so then we went on this date just me and him on Sunday and it went really well, we've been texting since then but I'm always the one to start the conversation even before the date. I don't text him constantly all day long but I wanna know if guys find that annoying or not? Or do they like when a girl shows interest in them?


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What Guys Said 1

  • There are good times to do so, and bad times. We have them, and automatically assume you do as well. If a girl texts me while I'm cooking dinner, I might not be too enthused to reply. If I contact her outside of what you'd call a reasonable time of day, I wouldn't expect a reply.

    Maybe he doesn't initiate this stuff because he wants to seem aloof, or he may just be nervous about pushing you too fast. It could even be that he's not that good at the small-talk.


What Girls Said 1

  • in my opinion, if your worth it a guy will deffinately try for you. you will never have to try for him, no matter who he is. they love the challenge, and really don't like desperate looking girls, texting him obviously means you WANT to talk to him at that moment, its better of you keep it a secret that your interested in him.