Dating at the workplace (or similar places)?

So if you date someone at the workplace or any other place where you constantly go and can't quit easily if at all (ex. long-term commitment activities like volunteering, lessons, church, etc), is that just trouble? Because if you break up, neither can quit and you're forced to see each other constantly, right? I'm currently in a situation where I'd like to ask out a guy but I am too scared to make any moves for fear of what's gonna come after we break up...


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  • i'm not a fan of dating someone I work with for the exact reason you stated. going to work is bad enough without having to see an ex as well.

  • Well I just recently was dumped by my ex, and we both work together. Luckily right now for me she's studying abroad in England, so I won't have to see her for a few months, but its going to be awkward when we eventually see each other. Especially since I'm technically her boss, but that doesn't matter at all, if you think they're worth it go for it! It could work out for you! My parents met at work and they've been married 25+ years!


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