How do you move on from an ex?

We only dated for a month and I broke up with him because he was going away to college and neither of us wanted a long distance relationship. I felt I also didn't want to get attached to something that wouldn't be secure and trustworthy(18 year old boy in college? he's going to party hard) Now I've done everything right, I gave back his stuff, I lashed out at him, I deleted him of facebook, I've destroyed anything that reminds me of him and I've also found a rebound guy. Granted it's only been 2 days since our break up but why can't I get over him? I KNOW I didn't like him that much, I just don't know why I'm still holding on to him?


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  • m moving with you on the same boat.only thing is that inspite of his ignorance and faults I loved him and so can't get over it.hope time help us out.


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  • time, will help. so will revenge stay legal


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  • maybe you just liked the thought of having a boyfriend, you'll get over it though. believe me when I say this, when you go away to college when your 18 there's NO way in hell the relationship is going to work...i've been there, done that. don't get me wrong, once I was 21 I was able to handle a long distance relationship, but for now, just be glad you got the break up over with. you just need time girl