I have two guys that like me?! Advice?

OK so I'm dating Caleb but my best friend that I've known all my life likes me now. I like them both but their so much alike besides looks. Josh calls me all the time and Caleb texts me all the time and their really jealous of each other even though they've never met. Any advice?


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  • i have the same problem... but I'm going to tell you the cold hard truth. You have to choose one. I kno its hard but no guy wants their girlfriend flirting with another guy it doesn't matter if they have met or not. You could just stay friends with one and try slowing it down while staying a girlfriend to the other but that doesn't all ways work. I tried doing that and one guy ended up really mad at me and started dating another girl that he now makes out with as much as he can when he knows I'm around. While the other is kindof mad at me still because he thinks that I still like the other. So he tries as hard as he can to make the other jealous through me. So I just made them more jelous rather than less. But because they don't know each other, this way may work. I'm sorry that there is no quick and easy way to fix this but I hope this helps.