I thought this kid liked me. What's his problem? I didn't do anything

I thought this kid liked me. I really like him and he flirts with me all the time. I even did those little "Does he like you " check lists to make sure I wasn't being stupid and I think that I was right ...well really sure. He writes little cute things on my facebook sometimes. So he is athletic and I asked him for exercising advice and he told me to run. I wanted something easier but he said that he would run with me for support. So I took his offer (this was a Sunday). From Monday - Thursday, he continuously reminded me about running with him every Sunday. So that Friday, I was asking what time and he said to give me a number so he can call. I didn't have a cell at the time so I gave him my home. He said "if your mom picks up, I'm tell her I'm your boyfriend." so unfortunately it rained that Sunday so we changed it to next Sunday. I got a new phone...so on Saturday I wrote him a message with my new number to call me about Sunday. He was online but I never got a response. Sunday I wake up at 6 am...nothing happens...no text..no response. Monday, he has a class in the same room as me a period before I have that class. So I go into the room...he says nothing to me...he acknowledges me like he looks at me...nothing...no hi no hug...it's like I was some new girl. I know I didn't do anything to him but wtf is his problem?


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  • Did you try talking to him in class? I think maybe he thought you were trying to ditch him or it was too complicated. It is obvious he likes you but you should talk to him before you immediately get upset and draw your own conclusions. If he doesn't want to talk-he didn't like you enough to try harder and you deserve better!

    • I didn't try talking to him in class because he is ALWAYS the first one to say hi, even when he thinks I don't see him or I'm trying to ignore him. Maybe it was to complicated but I don't know I thought by getting a phone it would make it easier. I will try to talk to him, but I'm kind of shy at approaching problems. But I will do it. Thank you (:


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  • Not sure.


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  • Possibly, it got too hard for him. For instance: you didn't have a cellphone (inconvenient), he constantly reminded you about running (annoying), it rained the day you were suppose to go running (maybe he thought, it wasn't meant to be). When things become "inconvenient" for the "typical" male, they just give up. They like when things flow. Don't worry about it. I know you liked him, but you will like someone else again. If he comes back to you, think carefully about the way he treated you and think if it really bothered you. If it did. Than don't bother, just courteously turn him down. Hope that helped. :o)

    • You are very right. But the thing is he reminded me voluntarily. It seemed more like acknowledgment then a reminder. It was like a "where going to spend time together on Sunday (:" I will keep that in mind though cause you are right. Thank you.

    • I'm glad I helped you. Just remember, when a guy really likes you, he'll be willing to bear with you. :o)