Why in the world would he do this?

Ok here it goes I have known this guy for two years and lately he has been saying things that I like talking to you etc. I like him to and I know he is interested but now he has overstepped his bounds and has made me uncomfortable.

We are not dating nothing we are just friends. What possessed him to send my a picture text of him naked? What is the reasoning please. I am now uncomfortable and I don't' know how to handle the situation.


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  • well have you kissed or anything?

    he may have been reading you a little differently then you were intending him to, and he might have just thrown it out on a whim, seeing how you would respond, it was worth a try probbly in his eyes,

    and more then likely he's regreting doing it now, if he's noticed the tensions its caused.

    if he seems indifferent to the fact that he made you uncomfortabe, then next time he makes an advance you should tell him blantenly that you are uncomfortable with the way your relationship has been going.

    i hope that helped

    • No I met him once two years ago at the firehouse when I was dating his friend.... this is a mess...lol


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  • wow, that's a problem. are you sure his friend didn't take his phone and send the picture? But then again, why would he have a naked picture of himself on his phone anyway. either way, this guys not for you. just stop hanging out with him and talking to him and he says something to you just say " you crossed the line "

  • He might be sick of waiting and is trying to get you to make a move. Or he's nuts, your choice.

  • XOXO

  • i wouldn't worry too much, \he is probably just throwing it out there to see how you resond.

    since you are obviously gay, just tell him your into pussi and he\ll understand.

    if somehow your are not gay, which I don't see as a possible, he might be be on crack, crack is everywhere.

    good luck, and loosen up you tightwade lezbiano, try it you might like it