How do I get him not mad at me??

There is a boy that I have been in love with for a long time but we have not dated yet and Well we got into a huge argument Because something slipped out of my mouth that every one told him it broke his heart and he has been really mad at me and will not forgive me I have said sorry every day since But what does not make since to me is that gets told what I said to him every day even by his girlfriend but he never cared before but when I said it he acted like I just told him that I hated him so I don't no how to get him NOT mad at me and I don't no if he likes me or it was just an act. HELP!


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  • yeah what did you tell him.. that's like 50% of the story..


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  • Depends what did you tell him?

    and if he has a girlfriend I don't think he see's you like that.