Way to ask a girl to prom?

This is a little more complicated then your average prom deal, because the girl already knows I am going to ask her. We already decided that we were going to go together and today while talking she said that I could still formally ask her if I wanted. Which I do, so what are some good ways that I could do this? Creativity is nice but Id rather not go over the top.


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  • I'm in the same boat, my girlfriend knows we're going but she wants a formal creative way from me -___-

    I was thinking to have her over and get some flowers and a big poster already hung up in my room that would surprise her when we walk in. But she's kinda grounded for awhile =P


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  • my sister was in the same situation a couple of years ago and her boyfriend dressed up like suit and tie and stood in the front door of our high school and asked her with a gigantic sign and flowers...ive also heard of writing it on the girls car because then she has to drive around with it and get all excited..more for homecoming though


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  • maybe just ask her, add a flower and you beat what I did.

    • She already knows I'm gonna ask her though. So id like to do something more creative.

    • sounds a bit high matinice, but oh well, how about you meet her in higher then standard cloths, tie, long sleeves and slacks maybe, with some flower, I would go with carnations, cheap but romantic but you might use something else, and tell her you "would like the honor to escorting her loveliness to this years prom." if you could think of better wording then use that. in all look nice, bring gifts, and act slightly over the top.