How long does it take for a guy's next relationship to not be a rebound?

What do guys typically do after they break up with a girl? Do they always go wild? Will the next girl he dates always be a "rebound"?

A guy I know broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years, but I know that throughout that time they had a lot of fights/issues. I'm pretty sure that he's always had a thing for me, but I don't want to be a rebound for him.


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  • i 've never saw a rule book stating but I would venture that there may be no set time frame as such. any person who becomes involved with the person that was dumped in effect and is essentually the rebound person even if 6 months after the breakup by the dumper.

    news flash the dumper isn't the one that has that issue of having rebounds its the person he dumped that has that issue. mainly because the dumper already has someone in mind in general waiting on the sidelines to take your place. the dumpee does not have that option . that's why anyone they may date afterward and get into a relationship with is the rebound person.

    however your already saying and you admit that he's had possible intentions towards you for awhile. I quess in one way he at least called a halt to the relationship before he decided to make anything permant with you. just be aware he's already done at least one girl this way , there could be a chance you could be another ,then again we don't know for sure either.


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  • One cannot say a number of days ... It is highly individual. And next girl don't have to be rebound. You should rather ask him about how he feels about his ex and from that you will have an idea if it would be his rebound with him.

    Rebound is somebody he don't really like that much and just uses to forget about ex. If he likes you you are not going to be rebound no matter what. And if you feel like he is not because he feels something to his ex, slow down until he does.

  • who cares?


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  • Have you tried asking him? Talking about it with him? I think it depends on how he felt about things when the relationship with his ex ended. Just take things through and make sure the two of you are on the same page. :]