Whats the point in trying to meet girls and go dating if your ugly?

since they won't even give you the time of day if you are?


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  • there isn't any if that's your attitude


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  • U R not ugly dude. Remember this: CONFIDENCE IS KEY. The more confident you appear the hotter girls will think you are, and since your already good looking, you've got in the bag if you just show that your confident. But don't go 2 far and be conceded. Just confident. :)

  • you're not ugly. And I'm not just saying that to be nice, I wouldn't have bothered comminting if I was lieing. I think you just need a confidence boost, do you go clubbing? girls are easier to talk to in that environment

    • Honest? No I don't go clubbing. Too much competition from other guys.

    • yes I'm being honest! lol. You should go with a group of guy friends, (not the ones that were mean to you) and just scope girls out together. or if you're in college you can meet girls in class, the library, etc. I met my boyfriend in the library, he just asked if he could sit with me while I was studying,and then later we just got talking.

    • Thanks. I'm not in college but il try that sometime. Gotta find some new friends.

  • different people have different definitions of ugly.

  • You aren't ugly at all! Just be confident and be yourself and you'll meet the right person. :)


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  • hey man, I used to be like you, I thought girls that thought I was hot were just stupid, that's how bad it was!

    but then I met my ex, she told me I was handsome, later, these 2 girls wanted me at the same time cause they thought I was sexy, and before that, I had a girl drooling over my abs online.

    once you start noticing, you get more confident, I've noticed girls checking me out now, I never noticed before cause I always thought they were looking and thinking I was ugly.

    now, of course, it depends on the girl's taste, not all girls are gonna think you're ugly or good looking, so known assume anything.

    but anyway, my point is, I was, am attractive I guess and I had no idea, apparently, the same has happened to you cause these girl don't mind the way you look at all.

    so cheer up man.

  • I won't tell you anything you don't wanna hear since you're being discreet so lissen' up:

    No matter how hideous you look, your body will get you somewhere,hence the term butterface (or his face).

    EAT HEALTHY- tomatoes, fruit,v8drinks/water, meat from 2 legged animals or less (ie. fish, chicken,so forth... no buffalo or beef)

    DO CONSISTENT WORKOUTS: Whatever it is, let it be an hour per day... only an hour, everyday if you can. I recommend 20-30 pushups and 45-60 min of perspirating through jogging per day...

    I did this a year ago because I weighed over 300 lbs and now I'm 170'ish and actually attract womensoyea... anddon't neglect hygeine so... brush your teeth. Not hard, just a daily thing. Consistency is the hardest taskfor people so stay with it. OH! And get really clean hair. lol

  • you're a very handsome dude!