Would You date a "Special " Person?

Say there is a cute guy/girl and they are really sweet and nice, basically a decent lover. Here is the twist, He/She has some sort of mental illness or disorder? ADD, Classic Autism ,etc. Would these post a problem for you down the road or immediately ? Vote and post your comments explaining your point of view.

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  • i've been with someone with ADD lol its not that big of a deal.


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  • I dated someone who had ADD and was autistic. This definitely posed a problem for me in the relationship. Not so much because this person was "special" as they were dishonest, not straightforward about their problems, and unwilling (and unopen) to possibilities of growth, both as a person and in a relationship.

    I think this question comes down to the individual more-so than it does the disorder, because different people choose to handle their problems in different ways. Some people have disorders and are responsible as far as acknowledging the problem, the role it plays in their life (and that of their partner and in their relationship), get help, work on bettering themselves, and are open to listening to the feelings of others and taking those opinions into account and working with their partner to find solutions. There are also other people who hide their disorders, lie about them, don't confront their problems or their partner, blame others, and are closed off in working with anyone and are committed to their own self-sabotage. Depending on which type of person you decide to be (in spite of your problems), this dictates to a much larger degree whether you are date-worthy.

    A good relationship is built on trust, honesty, and respect. If those factors aren't in place, then that's a major problem. Everyone has battles in life they have to fight inside of themselves, that isn't unique to any one person. It's how you deal with it that defines your character and your potential to be a good or bad (hurtful) person (boyfriend/girlfriend/partner).

  • personally I've liked this guy who seemed as if nothing was wrong with him.. I have no idea what it called but he's slow at learning (repeated only a 2 or 3 grades) and forgetful (I even thought it was part of his personality) I wouldn't mind going out with him he was good looking and he's kind sweet and just like any other guy he also had a part time job.. but we were just classmates :p

    would I date someone more "special" ? no only because my lifes goal is get a job get married have a family and live happily ever after (not ;p)

    my main point is that I would only date someone who was financially and mentally okay so that I could raise kids without having to worry about me doing all the work

  • I have dated a couple of 'special' guys and it didn't deter me at all. As long as he is open and honest in the beginning with me, then I am very accepting and caring. I see something like that to be part of who he is. If he treats me well, has a good heart and we mesh then I'm on board. There's more to a person than something he/she cannot prevent or didn't ask for.

  • ADD & ADHD doesn't make someone "special"

    Mentally handicapped special, I prob couldn't do it.

  • ADHD is a learning disability, it's not a disorder. Neither is dyslexia. Autism is though.

    • i know I was just trying to list the ones of the top of my head, I was curious what people would do if someone they love had any of these.

    • Yeah, but it's not a mental disability. It don't effect your mentality at all. You have different methods of learning and little differences in acting (slightly impulsive, and random mostly) Anyways, dating someone with mental problems would be hard. I wouldn't do it personally.

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  • If she is horny then yes

  • i have dated somebody who was partly retarded and we loved each other but she didn't understand why I couldn't see her everyday so we had to break up