Should I call every night?

I guess the point of my question is to determine the "appropriateness" of how much I should call my girlfriend. Just so everyone understands, I kinda of have a long distance relationship with my girlfriend and what I mean when I say "kind of" is that she doesn't live that far from me but, at the same time she isn't like two or three blocks away from me either. Anyway, we typically text message each other here and there during the day and I call her every night. My thing is should I be calling her every night? Like is it appropriate for me, her boyfriend to call her every night?


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  • call her... its not a big deal esp if you asked her and she said she doesn't mind.. my "dude" and I are in an EXTREMELY long distance relationship... we don't talk every day via the phone but we do talk... we do however talk everyday via text... he calls me when he's not busy and likewise... it was a little weird in the beginning but we've been at it for going on 9mths now... yea... so... talking at times is a lot better then txting...


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  • ya sure you can call,if she is comfortable,i mean ,if she doesn't have her family around .better you call her for few days,..soon you will get to know whether she is comfortable or not.later you will understand on your own what to do.

    • Well I kinda of raised the question with her and she basically said she likes and does not mind but at the same time she said she understands if I can't call her all the time. Even though she said she likes and doesn't mind, should I still reframe at times just to give her, her own down time?

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  • Don't call so much it'll make you seem desperate!

    • Hmmm she's already my girlfriend so I have no reason to be desperate...

    • Don't be fooled! Anything can happen to make her think differently about being your girlfriend! Might as well just be safe than sorry y'know?