If you were a girl at 16 would you still date a guy of 18?

So there's this girl that I liked back in hs, she was a freshman and I was a junior. Unfortunately she was taken, but now that she's free I kind of want to ask her out. Now I'm 18 and graduated and she's a junior now, would it look strange if I ask her? One last thing is there any legal problem as well please help


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  • no it wouldn't look strange. When I was 17 I was dating this man who was a little older but we both got over the age difference.

    • No its not strange at all my daughters father was five years older than me and we were together for six years. And we're still great friends


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  • Most of my friends that are sixteen say that 18 or 19 would be their age limit.

    Personally I would date into early twenties.

  • Two or more years age difference won't matter at all - it won't look strange! So go ahead, ask her out. Hopefully, she'll say yes.


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