Should a guy end a conversation first?

If you are texting back and forth with a guy should he end the conversation?

What about as it get's later in the night? Also, how late would you reply to a text from a guy or girl?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • The person who speaks last isn't always the person with the most power.

    Basic rules to keep her attracted:

    1) End the conversation first. This is superficial, and it works. Just don't be rude or obvious.

    2) Don't respond to every text message instantly like you're a lost puppy dog just waiting by the phone for each and every text. Finish what ever you're doing first, and THEN get to your phone.

    3) When it's getting late, and you don't want to leave her hanging, make sure to make your last text obviously the last one like, "haha, you're so right! Any way I'm hitting the sack now, have a good night! x"

    How do I know doing these things help? Because some of this is exactly how the most beautiful girls I've ever dated would text me.

    ~ Robby

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